Opening scene, you and me
Hand in hand cross parking lot filled with zombies
Stomping feet, swords for teeth
Crowbar swings as we head to the house across the street
Through an open door, run to the second floor
Pop the lock prop a chair and we take a seat
Hold our breathe, no sound yet
Fall asleep with yr head upon my chest

There's no where to go, but we already know
We're gonna find a boat and row... to Alcatraz
We'll be safe at last, we'll live off of the crabs we catch
till this whole thing has passed
Easy to defend, won't be the end
We'll reinvent our lives and wont need rent
Just You and me (x 4)

Flashback, one week back
Flying kites in the field before the attacks
A view of the bridge, fog on the ridge
a scream from the beach, we mistook for somebody's breaks
Searched for the sound, bodies on the ground
Waves of shapes covered in blood and headed our way
Grab what we can, and then we ran
Hand in hand we dashed to the overpass
Thought we were safe, our mistake,
A close call, barely made it away

There's no where to go, but we already know
Things are starting to change aboard the boat to Alcatraz
Your arm got slashed, in that last attack
Your eyes turned black and now you can't hold back
No escape, it's already too late
We're carried away by the waves in a final embrace
Just You and me (x 4)


from Destroy All Presets, released February 2, 2014




Doctor Popular San Francisco, California

Doc first started making electronic music on his Playstation using MTV Music Generator. Shortly after, he started making beats with circuit bent toys and Reason, but just found that the more powerful the software the less inspired he was to write new material. Now Doc writes his songs on Gameboys and iPhones. ... more

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