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Destroy All Presets

by Doctor Popular

Dragon Drop 03:32
Verse I'm writing a film about zombies It's really about letting go No desk no job no credit cards There are no heroes for ghosts. Push circle to square to see what fits I can't find my survival kit I'm writing a film about zombies that's really a film about learning to cope Chorus You break it You bought it yeah You stick it in your closet Oohhh collecting ghosts Verse Shooting one ten in the Mission Like a spy stuck inside their own home escape from giants into the mouths of lions Has killed the fear of being alone Stack Casios aside to ship I'm working on my manuscript And chasing inspiration From a long time ago
Verse Sarcastic science she would like to know In her complacent ministry of fear How are we proposed to,get away from here When she has made things so we have to go Or be wiped out will she be asked to show How by rocket we may hope to steer To some star of three say half light year Through temperature Of absolute zero Chorus Why wait for science to supply the how When any amateur can tell it now The way to go away should be the same As fifty million years ago we came If anyone remembers how that was I have a theory but it hardly does
Lava 03:06
Chorus The ground is lava The ground's hot lava It is hot to the touch never gonna stop 'cause The ground is lava It'll burn yr socks off If you wanna cool 'em down then move them feet around Verse We forged cardboard into swords With the scraps of our forts Like Godzilla through a city we Stomp through it with ease We smash through walls and break our treaties Then we grab some sharpies and glue And we do it again (singing) Verse Count down From 100 to 1 (...) You'll seek & I'll run Finding me was easy Hiding by the tv Laughing out loud to Ren and Stimpy Then we jump up and down on the couch like a trampoline (sing)
lyrics Is this a date or am I walking on a Möbius Strip? Cause one minute y'r cool, the next you flip You've always gotta make everything so dramatic Simply talking to you requires use of higher mathematics Come down to this Your loose lips have sunk a thousand ships And I heard somebody finally beat you at this Must of been some sort of subgenius I kiss the moon, when I think about you It's all I know how to do I took my cues from you and then you took 'em back Now theres nothing else to loose you took it all I want it back
Overblown 04:21
Verse Don't turn around ocean thought look at the water Pushing dead love like a priest But as soon as I stop pushing this any further float away bad day catch me when I'm gone away Here I drown lost again choke on the water Earthbound up and down can't think straight Touch and go here we go choke on the water Pushing this boat baby coast to coast row row row And Fade away Covered in sweat Find a dry place to stay Ship to shore Bay to bay Cut and run another stowaway Chorus High tech low life overblown and underdone Searching for meaning and it seems to be Between the devil and the deep blue sea Verse Albatross Stay away High and dry Shake a leg Ship to shore Bay to bay Cut and run Stowaway Overworked Underpaid Lose yourself Castaway Know the ropes Get away A bitter end On display Hard and fast So cliche Upgrade time No delay Up the mast On belay Warning light Low battery Row (row, row) Fade (fade, fade) Sweat (sweat, sweat) Stow-a-way Ship (ship, ship) Bay (bay, bay) Cut (cut, cut) Stow a way Verse Don't turn around ocean thought look at the water Pushing dead love like a priest But as soon as I stop pushing this any further float away bad day catch me when I'm gone away Here I drown lost again choke on the water Earthbound up and down can't think straight Touch and go here we go choke on the water Pushing this boat baby coast to coast
Dazzler 03:11
Verse From your lips to god's ears and loud enough for anyone to hear you say You're waiting for the day when they all know exactly who you are Chorus A star A star A star is who you are Verse You're bright, you're bold A voice like gold Glowing oh so brightly But chasing dreams gets so lonely Chorus Dazzler Dazzler Dazzler They call you the disco dazzler
Chorus Accept the rejects Destroy all presets Verse I'm only here to have some fun Stuck behind the microphone They say give up But I don't wanna Cause giving in is overdone
Rumspringa 03:54
Verse I miss yr kisses and yr lips like puzzle pieces But remember when the beat hits We'll keep dancing to the music But for now were done romancing No more time for one last dance we keep adding and subtracting to This misunderstanding Then I'm standing in the corner Glancing at the dancefloor And Bragging into space let's waste This chronic opportunist Searching for some new shit Preach like god's cartoonist Banging on a new hit Found a Gameboy for the cubist Gave the Gameboy to the cubist But he claimed he didn't like it So I threw it in the closet threw that in for your amusement Nanolooper tracking fiercely Kick drum thumping extra filthy Swaying like a zombie So Involuntary ...Less talk more ...Feet on floor ...Heads in clouds ....Light from sound ...shoplifters ....Pick and pull San Francisco Chorus I poured a thief into my skull Give me yr heart or ill low up the world What we had almost lasted But so did Chernobyl Knew it wouldn't last So it ended with a blast And now your old boyfriend who is now yr husband And you both walk past Verse Ecstatic waxing 8bit sonic draftsman Wielding synths and anti-theory and Bags of 9volt batteries Really just a sissy but I'm feeling ballsy lately These days they blend together But the nights keep getting longer For the first time in yr life Finally knowing what's its like I'll see you on the other side Rum Rum
Zombi 03:00
The Plan 04:06
Verse Opening scene, you and me Hand in hand cross parking lot filled with zombies Stomping feet, swords for teeth Crowbar swings as we head to the house across the street Through an open door, run to the second floor Pop the lock prop a chair and we take a seat Hold our breathe, no sound yet Fall asleep with yr head upon my chest Chorus There's no where to go, but we already know We're gonna find a boat and row... to Alcatraz We'll be safe at last, we'll live off of the crabs we catch till this whole thing has passed Easy to defend, won't be the end We'll reinvent our lives and wont need rent Just You and me (x 4) Verse Flashback, one week back Flying kites in the field before the attacks A view of the bridge, fog on the ridge a scream from the beach, we mistook for somebody's breaks Searched for the sound, bodies on the ground Waves of shapes covered in blood and headed our way Grab what we can, and then we ran Hand in hand we dashed to the overpass Thought we were safe, our mistake, A close call, barely made it away Chorus2 There's no where to go, but we already know Things are starting to change aboard the boat to Alcatraz Your arm got slashed, in that last attack Your eyes turned black and now you can't hold back No escape, it's already too late We're carried away by the waves in a final embrace Just You and me (x 4)


Experimental and catchy. Melodies with a touch of geekiness. One of my best albums yet. 10 tracks created on a GameBoy Advance, using the Nanoloop cart, plus one nerdy track created an iPhone with the Nanoloop app.


released February 2, 2014

art by eBoy
Produced by Steven Clark at CircusMusic and Brandon Aronovick at Rondo Bros
mixed at Different Fur
big thanks to Morgan and Rich at Monobomb Records




Doctor Popular San Francisco, California

Doc first started making electronic music on his Playstation using MTV Music Generator. Shortly after, he started making beats with circuit bent toys and Reason, but just found that the more powerful the software the less inspired he was to write new material. Now Doc writes his songs on Gameboys and iPhones. ... more

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