Möbius Strip Tease

from Beeps And Smudges by Doctor Popular



Made with Nanoloop for iPhone and ThumbJam


Is this a date or am I walking on a Möbius Strip?
Cause one minute y'r cool, the next you flip
You've always gotta make everything so dramatic
Simply talking to you requires use of higher mathematics

Come down to this
Your loose lips have sunk a thousand ships
And I heard somebody finally beat you at this
Must of been some sort of subgenius

I kiss the moon, when I think about you
It's all I know how to do
I took my cues from you and then you took 'em back
Now theres nothing else to loose you took it all
I want it back


from Beeps And Smudges, released November 14, 2010




Doctor Popular San Francisco, California

Doc first started making electronic music on his Playstation using MTV Music Generator. Shortly after, he started making beats with circuit bent toys and Reason, but just found that the more powerful the software the less inspired he was to write new material. Now Doc writes his songs on Gameboys and iPhones. ... more

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