Beeps And Smudges

by Doctor Popular

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Beeps and Smudges is an album of songs created exclusively with iPad (and iPhone) apps.

Watch the video for "Spider" here


released November 14, 2010

All songs written by Doctor Popular except:
"Get To Know You" lyrics by Unwoman
"Bad As They Seem" by Hayden (from his 1996 album Everything I Long For)

All songs performed by Doctor Popular with Unwoman performing additional vocals and iPad "cello" solo on "Moebius Strip Tease", "Bad As They Seem", and "Get To Know You".

Doc used the following apps to make this album: Nanoloop for iPhone, ThumbJam, SynthPond, Sound Squares, Beat Tap Light, SoundYeah, and FireRecord. Thanks to all the developers who offered support during the creation of this app.




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Doctor Popular San Francisco, California

Doc first started making electronic music on his Playstation using MTV Music Generator. Shortly after, he started making beats with circuit bent toys and Reason, but just found that the more powerful the software the less inspired he was to write new material. Now Doc writes his songs on Gameboys and iPhones. ... more

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Track Name: Möbius Strip Tease
Is this a date or am I walking on a Möbius Strip?
Cause one minute y'r cool, the next you flip
You've always gotta make everything so dramatic
Simply talking to you requires use of higher mathematics

Come down to this
Your loose lips have sunk a thousand ships
And I heard somebody finally beat you at this
Must of been some sort of subgenius

I kiss the moon, when I think about you
It's all I know how to do
I took my cues from you and then you took 'em back
Now theres nothing else to loose you took it all
I want it back
Track Name: Spider
Tell me one thing you like about me
And be specific
Now tell me twenty-nine more
And don't hesitate
with your answer because

I can't see
Whats in it for you
But then again
I don't see
The same things you do

Wall to wall
You've been here a while
I'd like to stay too
What type of spider are you
Can Keep me for heat
Or for meat, but

I can't see
What's in it for you
But then again
I don't see
The same things you do
Track Name: Far/Near
Well now I'm here
and I wish I was there
It's such shame
but that I don't care
And I will stay
for at least a year
But by the time I get back
will it still be there
If so will I still care

By this time tomorrow
my regrets will turn to sorrow
and this is what I'll say
I have no friends here
and I can't stand the atmosphere
I went to the arch today

It's on a windy day they say
that you can feel the arch sway
And it's on a windy day they say
that you can feel the arch sway

And I regret everything I've done this year
And I regret everything I've said this year
And I know that I wish I'd been a little gutsier
And I regret that I ever moved here
Track Name: Sweetbread
Did we break up
To test the effects in space
Or did you wake up
With those tears rolling down your face
We'll be fine but in no time
The sunshine fades away
There'll be no more gravity
To pull those tears slowly down your face

In the shuttle with you
In my airtight suit

And then I wake up
To the sounds coming off of the streets
But when I take off and
Get myself some coffee
I'm so haunted
By the faces and places around me
There's no intermission
Is this your Mission
Or can I stay

At the party with you
In my favorite suit
In the shuttle with you
In my airtight space suit
Track Name: Bad As They Seem (feat. Unwoman)
Girl of my dreams...
Things are as bad as they seem
She is only sixteen
That's why she's only a dream
Woman of my dreams...
Lives right down my street
Has a daughter who's sixteen
That's why she's only a dream

What do I do this for?
Got to get out some more
Go down to the grocery store
Meet someone I'll adore
Someone who'll make me laugh
Someone to be my better half
Keep me warm under the sack
Share with me my midnight snack

Job of my dreams...
Things are as bad as they seem
Working where I did at fourteen
Making less pay it seems


House of my dreams...
Things are as bad as they seem
My parents' house I'll stay for free
Until I'm at least forty-three
Track Name: Get To Know You (feat. Unwoman)
I just want to get to know you
Tell me everything you want to

(pause 4 bars)
Hey, what's your name? Where are you from?
Who do you know at this party?

(full chorus:)
I just want to get to know you
Tell me everything you want to
Trust me I will keep your secrets
It's all in my terms of use

Baby, can I buy you a farm? No? OK, I won't ask that again.
How about sex? I mean, what's your gender? I'll keep asking that until
you answer.
It's important so that I know what kind of services to offer you.

(full chorus)

You're a girl, that's terrific. You'll be interested in these special
deals on weight loss and wedding dresses.
Oh no, I see you're single. Well never you fear, I know just the place
where you can meet Mr Right.

(full chorus)

Hey, where are you going? Oh, you wish I hadn't shared your address with
everyone, now you don't want to talk to me. That's OK, we'll be seeing a
lot of each other anyway.
Everything going on in this scene, goes through me
Track Name: Left My BART
... San Francisco...